Adbusters - Canadian culture-jamming magazine - simple & stunning cartoons - archive of info & links on many artists - amazing 'barcode' montages from Russia - art activism against BP’s propaganda
Banksy - cunning stencils, and he's got a third book out! - intricate radical info-posters - barcelona graffiti
Billboard Liberation Front - San Fransisco’s veterans - clever & radical wed animation - Carol Simpson art & design - loads of beautiful progressive US toons - 911 spoof bills et al. - classic 'wood-cut anarchist' art & more - THE graffiti site, see 'war murals' - spoofed old propaganda posters - radical super-girly’s poetry - satirical, subversive & sophisticated - Mike Flugennock’s great US toons & posters - a brilliant progressive cartoonist - culture jam sandwiches - US web-animation & cartoons - big spoof website - NY-based world street-art gallery
This list is a just a small sample of the many online ‘art’ resources.  Being quite new to the web, I would welcome any more suggestions for sites that ‘should’ be on this list.  
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