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Climate Change
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climate denial by embarrassment

Denial by Embarrassment
Dec 2011
Cartoon based on an idea from Naomi Klein who has been invetigating the causes (and excuses) of climate denial.
I think this cartoon may be the first in a series on climate denial.  Please email me if you want a large version with or without a white background.  
For email / blog / website use, here is a small (500 pixels wide) version, and a medium (800 pixels wide) version.


Season-shifting Greetings - from COP17

December 2011
Cartoon poster (above) to summarise the very disappointing results from the
UN conference on Climate Change, COP17 that was held in Durban, 2011.
   If you want a larger version to print, please download this 1.2Mb version.

Daddy, what did YOU do in the Climate Crisis?

December 2011
Cartoon poster (above) for a competition run by the Green Party (UK).
The image is a spoof of the famous British propaganda poster from the first
world war (shown below left).

In my version, humanity has somehow managed to survive run-away climate
change.  The background includes some clues on how we managed it: a pair
of earthships are on the left, harnessing passive solar, with raised beds,
a large wind turbine and solar PV.

Energy to make a can of sweetcorn

Graphic coloured in (for Naomi) from an orignal B&W version from 2006.
My favourite bit is the returning bike-trailer of the local "Landfill Mining
Cooperative". Given how wasteful modern society is, our descendants will
spend a lot of time sifting through our trash. As Ralph Nader once said:
"We need to learn how to be good ancestors".

I  left a spacious sky, top right, so that this could  become the
background to some title text.  So this image could make a great poster
or magazine cover.  If you want to use it as such you'll probably want
a much larger version, maybe with bleeds.  Please email me for this,
with some details of the publication.

what did you do?

About 11 years ago I painted a mural (shown above right) that was never
 completed which was a much more pessimistic interpretation. It seems
right to show it here, as I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was some
kind of unrealistic optimist. Ha-ha!  This ominous mural was painted on
a large piece of scrap plywood and used as a temporary wall at 'Simon's
Yard' - a community "tat-yard" in East Oxford that bought, found and
sold cheap second hand furniture and other household goods.  It became
quite a social space too, for local people to meet up over a cup of tea.  
The space was eventually closed down and demolished to make
room for yet another block of over-priced student flats.


Who will control the Green Economy?

 November 2011
Cover (above) for a report by the ETC Group. See the ETC website for
 more info, and to download a free PDF of the report.   This report covers
a wide range of the world's largest industries, focusing on those most keen
to profit from the new 'green economy' where petroleum products are
replaced by plants.  Switching from fossil fuels to plant-based fuels may
sound like a good  idea.  But this report shows that the way it is already happening, corporations are  moving to further harm the environment
and people, especially in poorer countries.


House of Cards of false solutions to Climate chaos

Summer 2011
Cartoon (above) for a report "Capturing Climate Genes" by the ETC Group.  
The report was combined with two previous reports by the ETC Group,
'Geopiracy' and 'The New Biomassters' and made into a book "Earth Grab"
that has just been published.  Sadly a few 'design gremlins' got into the book
at the publishers.  The book was endorsed by Patrick Bond, Naomi Klein,
Nnimmo Bassey and George Monbiot.  Vandana Shiva wrote the foreword.
I am thrilled to have been involved.


   Living bike-shed
A living roof on a bike-shed in the front garden of my wonderful neighbours.
The structure is mostly made from a reclaimed gate and an old bed frame.
This aerial garden has provided beautiful pansies and juicy strawberries.  
The grass is 'mown' with scissors!  
Welcome to the Cancun Climate Talks

December 2010
Cartoon (above) criticising the way civil society and real-science was
excuded from the Climate talks in Cancun, Mexico.
whats wrong with geoengineering
Why is Geoengineering unacceptable?
A poster summarising the main dangers of "geo-engineering" for the ETC Group.  A larger version is here (1.6Mb JPG).
This is based on an early poster for the 2009 competition: "The Pie-in-the-sky"Global Competition on Geoengineering, also run by the ETC Group.  
The winning entry was "Cool Orbit", as shown below.  The ETC group also wrote the excellent "Geopiracy" report that details the case against geoengineering. 
Download the report (in 3 languages) from the ETC Group website.  There is also a lot of news and action at the Hands off Mother Earth website.

Summer Gathering
Poster and flyer for People & Planet, the excellent student campaigning
network that do a lot of work across the UK on climate, human-rights, etc.
They have a great website.  I've worked with P&P for over a decade.

One Million Climate Jobs
Cover of the 56-page booklet produced by a range of climate groups
and unions, spearheaded by the Campaign against Cliamte Change. The A5
booklet can be downloaded from the One Million Climate Jobs website.

Hand off Mother Earth!
A 2-page briefing on the dangers of geoengineering that is free to download
in English, French and Spanish from the Hands off Mother Earth website.
The website has news and comment on campaigns against geo-engineering,
as well as a chance to add your name (and photo of your hand) to the cause.
The website also has attracted the support of many civil-society groups,
especially from the south or 'majority world'.  The ETC group also wrote
the excellent "Geopiracy" report that details the case against geoengineering.
  Download it (in 3 languages) from the ETC Group website.

Camp for Cliamte Action - exhibition
A 10-panel photo-filled info-display that is also a downloadable PDF (8Mb).
I worked on this with many people, and some great photos. It summarises the
growth and many great actions of  Camp for Climate Action, up until 2010.
Why am I here, you ask?  Ha!

Ancestry of Migration
This cartoon was brewing in my mind for many years.  Finally I made the time to draw it and it has been used in many diverse places.


St. Nicked!

Dec 2009
Photomontage X-mas card showing the relationship between "Christmas" (over-consumption) > climate change > rising sea-levels > melting ice-caps > climate refugees!

Poster and photomontage on Air Freight for Airport Watch uk.

Don Kyoto!

Cartoon (unfinished) mocking the disasterous Copenhagen conference.

Cool Orbit
Photo-montage poster and T-shirt for the 'Pie-in-the-sky' competition run by the ETC Group to find the 'best'
Geo-engineering solution to tackle cliamte change.

Drowning Mermaid

Photomontage anticipating the very dissappointing Copenhagen conference.

The 'little mermaid' sculpture is apparently a tourist attraction in the harbour
of Copenhagen.  The chimneys (or smoke-stacks) are actually really there,
billowing from a power station on the outher side of the harbour.  How apt!
I just added the smoke and storm clouds, and the rising sea-waves.

Harper's ostrich is stuck in the Tar sands

Photomontage mocking the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper,
who continues to promote the extraction of Tar-sands in Alberta.
There is a great campagin in the UK vs Tar-sands here.


New 'Ladder-boat' bike-trailer

Summer 2009
Another bike-trailer made from wood (coated in linseed oil) for moving
large objects like... a greenhouse!  It's also a ladder, ideal for painting murals.
Small bags go in the net below, larger objects go on top.  It's been borrowed
by many people, including my local 'Food not Bombs' group who use it as a
mobile serving table delivering free vegan food!  "One less van!"


Welcome to the new $ugar Economy

Illustration for the ETC Group. An ETC group report "The New BioMasters" expands on these ideas.

COAL: Issue No.1

Cover photomontage of the 8-paage newspaper for the Coal Caravan
which was a project associated with Climate Camp.

Miffy closes pipeline tap

Cartoon inspired by Climate Camp - taking direct action against
the root causes of Climate chaos.


A - Z of Real Solutions to Climate Chaos

Centre-spread and poster from the 8-page newspaper of the 2009 Coal Caravan.  Their website has gone but there is still a neat
blog of the trip.  If you want a larger version of this poster please doanload this 1Mb JPG, or get the whole newspaper as a .



Stop Airport Expansion!

Photomontage (as sticker) of the then UK Transport Minister (Geoff Hoon) and a small folding 'stocks' prop made of bamboo and cloth, with a hoon-mask.
These were used in a series of protests, stunts and flash-mob events to help persuade the goverment to NOT build a third runway at Heathrow.  We won (for now)!

Biofuels cause hunger

Simple photomontage (for Mim Saxl) illustrating how corporate biofuel
plantations can deprive people of land to grow food.  With less food for
crops, the prices of foods goes up, excluding and starving many people.
To find out more please visit BiofuelWatch.

Biofuels cause hunger II

Simple photomontage (for Mim Saxl) illustrating how corporate biofuel
plantations can deprive wildlife of land to survive.  Infamously, some counrties
in the far-east clear-cut their jungles to create vast plantations for palm-oil
to sell to Europe who wanted "green" fuel for their cars!

Plane and Train props
Papier-mache train and airplane costumes for Better Transport
who campaign for public-transport, and greener transport options.
These props were later used in a 1-minute film, on you-tube here.

Let's look before we leap

Drawing for ETC Group used in the declaration "Let's look before we leap".
Over 200 groups signed up to this call for goverments to include the
precautionary principle
in climate technology transfer rules.  It includes:
Some technologies being promoted for their capacity to store carbon
or to manipulate natural systems may have disastrous ecological or
social consequences. Technologies that may be beneficial in
certain contexts could be harmful in others."

They will feed us!

Illustration for the ETC Group used in the report "Who will feed us?"  From the intro: "We are told that global land grabs and plantations of agrofuels
are a “win-win.”
The truth is that policymakers don’t know enough about our food supply. We don’t know where our food comes from and
we don’t know who is feeding the hungry today.
We have absolutely no idea who will feed us in 2050. This report ...begins with a comparison
of the likelihood of the industrial food chain and the peasant food web
getting us through climate chaos."




May 2008
Graphic inspired by protests against waste incineration. No Burn has lots of
great info from around the world.  Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are
also quite involved.  There are health risks associated with incineration,
including dioxins and other dangerous particulates found in the smoke.
 Investment in incineration will also mean less funding for greener alternatives.
three cans

Three Cans of Corporate Capture 

June 2008
Cartoon for 'Eating up the Alternatives'  by Corporate Watch (UK).
The report (eventually publishshed in 2011) details the capture of organic
food, fair-trade food and even local food by big business.

Dick Cheney pupet: Hands off Iraq Oil
Giant prop made for the "Hands off Iraqi Oil" campaign that was organised
by a group of small NGOs in London, including  Platform and War on Want.
The campaign tried to expose the US (and UK) efforts to steal Iraq's oil.  
The campaign website is no more, but the struggle continues.

The inage above should show a sequence of the stages of the construction,
from plastic pipe skeleton (held together with gafffer tape and cable-ties);
a papier-mache skin (using wood-glue to make it strong and weather-proof);
and some painted features and details.  I really love making useful props!
Its not often I get to make such large props.  Golden rule: keep them light
and simple, and ideally they need to fold or concertina or dismantle into
smaller parts for easier transport and storage.

Dick Cheney becomes Dick Olver!
The finished puppet moved from office to office in London, and was finally
transformed into Dick Olver, the CEO of BAe Systems, Britain's largest arms
manufacturer, and used in several stunts with the great folks at CAAT.
peak ambulances

Peak ambulances 

March 2008
Cartoon (above) comparing ambulances from before, during and after the 'oil bubble', inspired by Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute.

no new coal props reversing the damage - nail 11

No new coal - folding props 

March 2008
Three bamboo props against plans to expand coal power in the UK.  
This photo shows the props outside parliament, as part of a demonstration
by People & Planet, part of 'Fossil Fools Day'.  Photo by Mike Langridge.

RE: Versing the Damage

March 2008
Front cover design of the Nail's 11th issue, that includes a special 16-track
 Audio CD all on the theme of climate change.   This collaboration between
ClimateX, the Nail and Hammer & Tongue cost just £4.

Oedipus - mother-love

Rude photo-montage to mock the hilarious conincidence of Shell
deciding to sponsor the 2008 production of the famous play Oedipus
by the National Theatre.

Poster for the excellent and inspiring open days of homes in Oxfordshire 
 demonstrating energy and resource saving materials and building processes.  
Ecovation is worth a visit. COIN and ClimateX are still doing similar work.
get in lane

Get in Lane / Class

February 2008
Cartoon exploring the relationship between wealth and modes-of-transport.

Capitalist Climate (cola)

Cartoon for the Network for Climate Action, a project linked to the Camp for Climate Action, 2007
Lady Climate Justice

Lady Climate Justice

November 2007
Photomontage using the 'Lady of Justice' as a symbol of justice.
Climate change is leading to droughts, floods and the loss of arable land,
especially in the poorest parts of the world.  Yet these countries are usually
 the least responsible for creating the problem!  So, climate change is a
social justice' issue - we need climate justice!

Real Gear Stick

Spring 2007
A simple graphic suggesting the future will require people to use
 less wasteful forms of transport.
Adding new symbols / labels / twists to everyday objectscan be a very
effective way to reach people. I have also noticed that using photos
(rather than graphics or cartoons) can make  ideas more 'real' and actual.
Cartoons and graphics can often be very effective and clear but sometimes
can appear hypothetical or 'pretending'.
two windows

Two windows 

December 2007.
Cartoon on two different responses to a changing climate.
climate proof windows

Climate proof windows 

Photomontage poster (above).    December 2007
g8 2007 hot air
G8 2007 - Hot Air
Photo-montage for Greenpeace International, April 2007
days like this flood hood
Days like this
Reworking of an old cartoon for Corporate Watch, April 2007
Flood hood
Photo-montage, 2007
truth bellows subvertible
Truth Bellows
Cartoon for an article on Waldon Bello for New Internationalist, March 2007
Cartoon used in a BASIC report on Arms Conversion, January 2007
miffy_stake_holder corporate responsibility
Miffy's sharp dialogue
Cartoon for Corporate Watch, 2006
Corporate Responsibility?  You must be joking!
Cartoon for Art not Oil, 2006
amaized pie countryside narrowing
Amaized!  A piechart of the energy inputs of a can of sweetcorn
Graphic for Corporate Watch, 2006
Countryside Narrowing
Cartoon for the No M1 Widening campaign, 2006
Oil gravy tank pump
Oil graves
Photomontage for the Camp for Climate Action, 2006
Tamk pump
Cartoon for the Camp for Climate Action, 2006
bp wilts carcinogette
BP wilts
Cartoon for Platform, 2006
Cartoon for the magazine Carbusters, 2006
6 ostriches in denial four weddings
6 ostriches in denial
Cartoon for Camp for Climate Action, 2006
Four weddings and a funeral
Cartoon for Corporate Watch, for the Earth Summit (Rio+10) in 2002
Images from before 2006
esso sinks esso tiger tank
Esso sinking
Cloth and Bamboo model for People and Planet, March 2003
Esso Tiger Tank
Cloth and Bamboo model for People and Planet, March 2003
green house car world
Green House
Cartoon for the Green Guide to Oxford, 2003
Car World
Cartoon for the Green Party, 2002
bin airtravel magic roundabout
Reworking of an old cartoon for Corporate Watch, late 1990s
Magic Roundabout - against new roads and runways
Cartoon for Seeds for Change, late 1990s
look on my works plate world
Look on my works...
Magazine cover for Corporate Watch, late 1990s
Plate World.
Illustration for Best Foot Forward, late 1990s
schevron no war for fuel
Schevron logo
Cartoon for Rising Tide, late 1990s
No wars for fuel
Cartoon for Rising Tide, early 2000s
walk to school shell skull
Walk to school
Cartoon for Rising Tide, 1998
shtig.net Shell Skull
Cartoon for Rising Tide, late 1990s