Contact Stig
If you wish to contact me, please email:  s (at) shtig (dot) net

Commissions & collaborations
I am always interested in working with new people, on worthwhile projects.
For over ten years I have worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.
My speciality is anti-corporate subvertising, but I also enjoy making banners,
props, murals, costumes, cartoons, flyers, reports, woodwork, posters,
hammocks, leaflets, signs and logos.  I can also train / teach people.  
I don't yet build websites.  Nor do I fly, drive a car or receive texts.

Oxford Peace Artists
I am one of many artists who work for positive social change.
The Oxford Peace Artists is an informal group of creative people,
based in Oxford.  We include painters, sculptors, web-designers,
climbers, costume-makers, musicians, writers, poets, promoters etc.
If I can't help you with your design needs, I may know someone who can.