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the G8 & Globalisation
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g8 2007 hot air
G8 2007 - Hot Air
Photo-montage for Greenpeace International, April 2007
cuffs n masque make puppetry history
G8 Cuffs and Masque - Gr8 Exploitations
Photo-montage, 2005
Make Puppetry History
Placard for the Make Poverty History march in Scotland, 2005
lie 8
Lie 8 
Photo-montage and poster for Corporate Watch, reviewing the 2005 Live 8 / G8 summit, 2005
g8 balls people before profit
G8 balls
Rude graphic that hasn't quite got into print, ...yet, 2005
People before profit
Banner for the World Development Movement, 2005
g8 pack of 8
G8 Hydra
Poster for People and Planet, 2005
G8 pack-of-eight
Cartoon for People and Planet, 2005
g8 clamp
G8 Clamp
Graphic for the movement against the G8, used by many groups, late 1990s