W e l c o m e   t o   S t i g '  s   g a l l e r y   o f
M  U  S  E  S         
A   f e w   f a v o u r i t e   i m a g e s   t h a t   I   f o u n d
shtig.net I've never had much interest in 'art' and I'm not a photographer, but
I have found great inspiration in some art, especially 'street art',
political cartoons, protest art, and the odd bit of 'proper' art.
Here is a small selection of my favourite all time images, covering a
wide range of issues, with links to some amazing people and websites.


Join Amnesty

Huge walll-mural (which appeared around 2005 I think) under the Donnington Bridge over the River Thames in Oxford.
The "i" of the first word is a candle - mimicing the logo of Amnesty International.


"I say it was worth it"

A brilliant cartoon by the multi-talented Polyp - see his new website.

Plastic-bottle shoes  

Incredible photo!

Anti-war billboard alteration

Clever 'paste-up' on a billboard off the Cowley Road in East Oxford.
Apparently the stuck on B&W images (from that famous vietnam photo?)
are made beforehand as stencils, and simply 'pasted' onto the billboard.

Girl undresses
Powerful piece of stencil art by the Norweigan artist  Dolk, (blog)
who also has a growing collection of art on Flickr, here.

Animated GIF of the beautiful two-part logo of Radical Routes,
the UK network of Radical Cooperatives.
I don't know who made the original drawing, or the animation, but I'm a fan.

'Corporate Organisation Chart'
Fantastic cartoon that I found online in the 90s.  I'd love to know who drew it.

Consumerism for beginners

Cartoon by Clay Butler, multi-talented artist from Santa Cruz, CA, USA.

Homeland Security -
fighting terrorism since 1492

Cartoon that I've seen in a few places,
commenting on the hypocrisy of US foreign policy

'Live by the bun - Die by the bun'

Ingenius stencil, spoofing the old 'ganster slogan' of 'live by the gun - die by the gun'.
Junk food is leading many people (even cool people) into poor health, obesity and shorter lives

Organised Crime - together we'll crack it
Graphic that spoofs the goverment 'crack crime' poster campaign.
Its from an issue of the spoof newspaper 'Financial Crimes',
I think, that appeared in London around 2000.

'Dogs must not be allowed to foul the footpath.  Penalty £50'
The small yelow sign that the man and his dog are reading says:
'Dogs must not be allowed to foul the footpath.  Penalty £50'
Cartoon by the talented Stan Eales.

'Real soldiers are dying in their hummers ...So you can play soldier in yours.
Ten miles per gallon - two soldiers per day'

Road-side signs, from around 2003 I think, shortly after the start of the second Iraq War, probably from the FreewayBlogger website.

'Every morning I wake up on the wrong side of capitalism.'


Beef cuts
Cartoon by Stan Eales, illustrating some of the many reasons
to go vegetarian / vegan.

'We can really
end slavery
if we just
don't buy it!'

Spray-painted mural on a shop's riot-shutters by the prolific,
inspirational and gorgeous DoodleDubz crew, in 2007.  
The text in the bottom left corner, whish is repeated on the
side of the shutter (shown on the right) reads:
'Nike pay their Vietnamese workers
just one pound a day!!'



'Support alternative transport'

    Cartoon by Andy Singer who has become quite famous
for his excellent transport (and other) cartoons.

BP Exec

A brilliant graphic by Nick Turner for the Art not Oil website
- it has become that logo for that excellent project.

Art Not Oil is a fantastic website and art-activist network
" for creativity, climate justice and an
end to Oil industry sponsorship of the arts "

Art-not-oil have run their vast online open galleries for 4 yeras,
organised many protests at oil-sponsored events and exhibitions and
recently succeeded in getting Shell to withdraw its 'sponsorship' of the
Wildlife Photographer Exhibition / competition.
Their new campaign is to help stop Shell's planned pipeline in County Mayo, Ireland, and to challenge Shell's sponsorship of the National Theatre's
new play 'Oedipus'.  Shell and Oedipus have a lot in common,
but at least the latter was able to feel remorse!

'absolut liver failure'

Parody vodka poster from  False Advertising - a gallery of parody.

One of the many amazing stencil artworks by Banksy,
the UK's most well known stencil artist.

beehive biodiversity poster detail


A small detail from one of the many huge posters by the Beehive Collective.
Their beautifully detailed work has covered many topics over the years, the latest tackling the resurgence of the Coal Industry in the US.


SOA watch

Beautiful poster by Black Mustache for the 'School of the Americas Watch', a
campaign against the infamous 'academy of torture', Fort Benning, Georgia, USA.

'Fast track  Sweat shops' and

'The Free Market Fish Pond'

Two great cartoons from the hard-working Carol Simpson.



A great poster by the famous cartoonist and painter Eric Drooker.


'Our boys took Iraq's Oil... Now lets take China's coal!'

A celver parody of an old WW2 propaganda poster by Micah Wright.

'Why do I STILL do this everyday?'

A huge fence-painting, by the east side of the M40 motorway, just north-west of Hillingdon, North London.
The fence was first painted with "Why do I do this everyday" around 2002, and attracted much attention,
including in an end-of-year editorial in the Economist magazine.  It was later covered by other graffiti.
A few years later the design reappeared with the word 'still' added.  It is covered with other paint now.

Tony Blair's holiday snap
Incredible photo-montage!
Don't know who made it, but this photo
was apparently taken in London, so it seems that
this piece of 'art' was hung in some gallery there.


Union Jill
Multi-coloured flag made by the remarkable Heather, lates 1990s,
shown here at one of the Reunion Marches on the Newbury Bypass.


'Never Mind'
Beautiful parody of the Statue of Liberty.  Anyone know the artist?

'Season's greetings'
Powerful Xmas card image from the talented UK cartoonist Kate Evans.

'The Myth of Third World Debt'
Mural painted on the Cowley Road in 2006, probably by member(s) of the Doodledubz collective,
featuring a powerful poem by local activist and community organiser Nyarai Humba.
Sadly, within a few hours, the poem in the mural was whited-out by someone who didn't like it!

Here is the poem:
The Myth of
Third World Debt

I hear tell
that the ‘West’ claims
‘Third World’ countries
owe them a debt.

The white people them
They come to our countries
they unleash
upon we
the holocaust of slavery
the evil, parasitic, violent process
them call colonization.
What this means is
them rape Mother Africa
took her children to use as donkey
went right inside Mother Africa belly
and steal her resources
send them back home to the ‘west’.

We the Africans,
funded the industrial revolution
with our blood, sweat, and tears and

What this means is
them rape Mother Africa
took her children to use as donkey
went right inside Mother Africa belly
and steal her resources
send them back home to the ‘west’.
We the Africans,
funded the industrial revolution
with our blood, sweat, and tears and

So I don’t really understand
what the ‘west’ means
when them talk
‘bout ‘Third world debt’
I believe them have no shame
I know they full of untruth
they lie to themselves constantly
cause truth will kill them fe true.

I ask you to reconsider
who owes whom?

The west owes Africa
a debt so great
them can never
fully repay.

Though we may not say it,
don’t think we do not see it
We are silent
because white men talk too much
all in aid
of hiding the truth.

Third world debt
is a fiction of
white mans imagination.

Nyarai Humba

'The World has had enough.'

A clever parody of the movie poster for a Bond film
'The World is not Enough', with Bush, Condi, Osama, Laura,
Yasser and even Saddam as the characters.

'Ascending and Descending'
A pavement drawing (by me) of the famous visual illusion by M.C. Escher.


'I take one everywhere I take my penis'

Superb spoof poster with many jokes, by Art Chantry in 1997.

'One less car'
Painted words on the side of an abandoned car.

'Designers - stay away from corporations
that want you to lie for them'
Clever billboard displayed outside some designers convention in the
late 1990s, featuring a quote from Tibor Kalman.  
Adbusters, the canadian 'cultural' magazine first published this photo.

The Story of Stuff
A great web-film / animation with Annie Leonard about
consumerism, the 'linear' model of production,
packaging, sustainability and many other issues.
Please visit her website to watch the film, for free, soon.

'We SHELL not EXXONerate Saddam... '
Clever subvert, late 1990s

'Oh Great, now we can't talk about religion, politics, OR the weather.'
Cartoon by Clay Bennet, a prolific cartoonist,
published regularly in the Christian Science Monitor.

Abbey Road
Photomontage by Artle Bedev, who finds barcodes
in the most unlikely places.

'Smash the Machine'
Cartoon by the very productive American cartoonist Stephanie McMillan,
who draws and runs the great cartoon blog Minimum Security.

'Democracy is Sleeping'
Great photo of a banner and dressed-down couple in Parliament Square.

An old postcard that makes me laugh!

'How to tell you've been really bad.'
A naughty Xmas card.  But, seriously, no one has told me what
Santa Claus is gonna do when the ice under his artic castle melts?

'I miss my lung, Bob.'

A brilliant parody of those rugged cowboy adverts by Marlboro from Adbusters.
One of the characters inn the great 'PR' film 'Thank you for smoking'
is a retired 'Marlboro man', who is dying of cancer.

Painter by the sea
A beautiful cartoon that has grown on me over the many years I've had it.
Maybe the ominous wave, and oblivious artist, are more 'topical' today?

Bush: one of the worst disasters to hit the U.S.'

An actual screenshot from the Sky New TV coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

'Testosterone is the most destructive drug on the planet.'
Graffiti on a wall in Summertown, Oxford, mid-1990s.
"You cannot have ‘art for art’s sake’…art must do something."
- Ken Saro Wiwa, Nigerian activist and poet. 

"Artists should be at the centre of society keeping alive
a utopian vision, because society will not improve if the people
envisioning a better society are politicians."

- Peter Sellars, actor.

"The difference between theory and real life is that in theory, there
is no difference between theory and real life, but in real life, there
is a difference."- Marshall Spight.

"The more materialistic science becomes,
  the more Angels I shall paint."
- Edward Burne Jones, 19th century painter.
"Don't ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it.
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman, theologian and educator.

"Art is not a mirror to reflect society.  
It is a hammer with which to shape it."
- Berthold Brecht, playwright.

"For the love of a tree, She went out on a limb.
 For the love of the sea, She rocked the boat.
 For the love of the earth, She dug deeper..."
  -  Charlotte Tall Mountain, poet.