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Peace & War
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blair n brown on trial banner

Justice for Iraq: Put Blair & Brown on trial 

March 2008
Banner (above) for Voices in the Wilderness (UK).   Voices "has been campaigning - both here and in
the US - against US/UK policy
towards Iraq since the mid-nineties. First, against the economic sanctions
and US/UK military strikes
on Iraq and, more recently, against the invasion and occupation of Iraq."
flood hood
oxfordshire womens aid
Flood hood
Photo montage, 2007
Oxfordshire Womens Aid
Logo for Oxfordshire Womens Aid, 2006
is the law warful no banner
Is the Law warful?
Baner for the B52 Two campaign, 2006
No More (nukes)
Banner for the Camp for Climate Action, 2006
subvertible trident briefing no1
Cartoon for BASIC, 2006
Briefing No.1 on Trident
4-page briefing for BASIC, 2006
Tony's Glowing Lagacy
Cartoon, 2006
Trident Green Paper
Report cover for BASIC, 2006
tank pump pump graves
Tamk pump
Cartoon for the Camp for Climate Action, 2006
Oil graves
Photomontage for the Camp for Climate Action, 2006
holey wall and peacesnakes
Holey wall
Mural, 2005
Peace snakes
Mural, 2005
puppet to a muppet
Swing tank
Mural, 2005
Puppet to a muppet
Banner for demonstrations against the war on Iraq, 2003
Peace Dragon
Part of a Mural,
How many graves Mr. Straw (then the UK Foreign Affairs Minister)
Banner for the
Justice not Vengence group, 2003
Celebrate non-violence
Baner for the B52 Two campaign, 2003
Disarm State Terrorism
Baner for the B52 Two campaign, 2003
To sell a war...
Subvert of the Rendon Group, a leading public relations firm in the US. It was researched by
Corporate Watch Uk, 2002
police against the arms trade bush screw
Police against the Arms Trade
Banner outside DSEI, Europe's largest arms-trade exhibition,
photographed on September 11th 2001
Bush Screw
My first ever 'political' illustration, drawn with biro-pens
(those 10-colour ones) at school, around 1988